This latest series of paintings and constructions focuses on shape, colour and texture, continuing an exploration of images and objects made by the construction of many pieces into a solid and cohesive, but somewhat fractured whole. They bring with them the energy of healing and rebirth, expanding a series of works rooted in an autobiographical narrative involving loss and death.

My past constructed works made of plywood, drywall, canvas and paper grew out of a search for expressive materials with which to build objects that reflected natural and organic forms describing structure, fracture and façade. Surfaces reflected those of aged and scarred walls, or skin, assembled and finished roughly, in the manner of an imperfect repair to a broken object, a healed but scarred human mind, or body.

More recent work leans toward a more finished aesthetic, although the surfaces of most pieces remain textured and worn. The colour, and organic shapes and rythyms of this latest work speak to a wholeness, and celebration of life and love.


John Ford was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. Ford graduated from the Ontario College of Art in Toronto in 1990 and has lived in Toronto and Owen Sound, Ontario for extensive periods.

He has exhibited in Ottawa, Toronto, Guelph, and New York. Ford’s work is represented in the permanent collection of the Tom Thomson Art Gallery.

His work is now collected across Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia.