About the Work



Landscape, architecture and the human figure and portrait form the foundation upon which I build abstract images. I am interested conceptually and aesthetically in the idea of constructions and assemblages and how those forms reflect the break down and reconstruction of human lives.

I have come to these ideas through personal experience and I reflect through my work upon issues of family, identity, commitment, responsibility, age, and death and loss. I further contemplate the dichotomies of strength and weakness, structure and facade, destruction and renewal, and the breadth of human emotion and experience common to us all.

The web of experiences and memories that make up our lives are not easily compartmentalized and I attempt to reflect that layered and interwoven reality thematically and materially in my work. While some of my abstract work takes a directly narrative approach, much of it reflects upon the aforementioned ideas in a more ambiguous way, with a single memory eluding to something more complex. I often obliquely reference maps, and architectural and organic forms in constructing an image.

I repurpose materials used in construction and renovation which I’ve developed an interest and curiosity in over time, having used them for their originally designed purpose throughout my life. I also employ traditional artist’s materials such as oil, acrylic and gouache, having developed my artistic practice originally as a painter. I contrast passages of more refined painted surfaces with the raw, paint-splattered edges of roughly cut plywood forms, a direct reference to the structure and facade of human lives and experience.